We say NO to single use plastics bottles

...since 9 years


As an ecolodge we are enjoying the growing awareness about single use plastic and the trend towards avoiding the usage. Since now 9 years, we are not using single use plastics at our lodge. The last single use item we had was the little water bottle, our guest got on the boat which we replaced […]

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“It’s our time to rise up!”

We are joining the world wide climate strikes

climate strike

“It’s our time to rise up!” ✊️🌍 Over 1.4 million students joined the Global Climate Strikes yesterday. And this is just the start! We are looking forward to be part of the Friday school strikes against #climate-change when our little jungle pre-school opens after the holidays in April. We would love to do an educational […]

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Zero Waste

We are now buying in bulk and filling glasbottles


The world needs to find a way out of this plastic nightmare. The excessive plastic packaging especially has to end. Unfortunately the way it is handled, recycling is not the solution. Less than 5% of plastics get recycled- the rest ends as we know in our landfills, surroundings and in our oceans. The better approach […]

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