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Dear friends, We are celebrating one year of community support! Thanks to all of you we were able to make a difference in these rather difficult times. You were last updated in January after which we have continued with food donations once a month. The families were grateful and clearly relieved that the rice deliveries […]

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New Year, New Hope

A 2020 Review

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a good start to 2021. We are waking up from the most unusual year we ever had as a lodge. After a year of no flights, no tourism, no income we still exist and that is amazing! ★ We managed to keep 20 staff employed during this […]

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The Gift

Happy Christmas everyone, This is our seventh newsletter since the beginning of this project in May 2020. It is a great relief and joy how this initiative has been successfully supporting our community with monthly food donations since the start of the pandemic. In our last newsletter we told you that we are low on […]

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Malagasy schools will open soon

Please find the German below the English text! Dear friends and family, Thanks to your donations and your support, we were able to carry out another food donation at the beginning of October, which supports over 200 people for one month. There is more good news from Madagascar. After six months of closure, the schools […]

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Update 2 – Community support


Hello everyone! We hope you are well! Unusual times, indeed… We know that some of you are self employed like us. Our thoughts are specially with the many of you who also are in the tourism industry which came to a total halt. The sad news is that international tourist arrivals plunged 93% this month […]

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Update 1 – Community support

First results of our fundraiser are showing 🙌 Last month we started a fundraiser for our community on Go fund me: We are happy to report to you that we have collected enough money to purchase the first foods-support-packages. These will go to families in and around the Masoala Rainforest who have financial difficulties […]

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how it effects our lodge and community

Masoala Forest Lodge is a sustainable tourism lodge that benefits the local communities through employment, purchasing of local products and services, and funding community and environmental projects. The lodge is now closed due to the covid-19 crisis, and must remain so, until the travel restrictions are lifted and tourism restarts. We are trying to keep […]

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