The story of the Blue Fin

22 years, one boat, uncountable adventures

The story of the Blue Fin Our main boat, the Blue Fin, has been a strong and reliable partner without whom we could not have experienced the many expeditions and adventures it has taken us on. Its original engine was salvaged by Pierre from a boat at the bottom of Lake Malawi, our friends Henry […]

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Available positions

We are hiring managers and interns for 2024/2025


2 management positions 3 marine guide interns If you are interested in the management position, please fill in the MFL application form and email it to maria.masoalaforestlodge @ We are looking forward to hear from you!

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Close whale encounters

By boat it is important to keep a distance of at least 100- 300m to not trouble the whales with the engine noise. By kayak, however, there aren’t any restrictions and sometimes we find ourselves surprisingly close. Whales occasionally approach us when we are on the kayaks and some start playing around us.

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Rare RIGHT WHALE sighting

We had an incredible whale season so far and had an unusual sighting. Our manager Jessie captured and analysed the moments for you in the video below.

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Aye Aye video

What is all the fuss about? Learn why this lemur is talked about so much and considered the holy grail of lemur sightings. Video and voice by our MFL manager Jessie Jordan  

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Aye Aye July

In July 2023 we had the most Aye Aye viewings we ever had in a month, which came with great excitement for camp and guests. Part of our success was having some new equipment: This season we started using an Axion Thermal Imaging Monocular, which detects heat signatures. The camera is effective in total darkness […]

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New finds

Unidentified species In July we saw these two animals for the first time in our 20 years at Masoala. We have shared the images on our social media and some of you reached out to us with ideas of what we have found here. See the suggested IDs below. For this freshwater terrapin, we received […]

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Reading Program

An educational cooperation with the NGO Teach for Madagascar

Today, we led our second reading session at the nearby school of Ambodiforaha ♥️📚 Jessie and Maria visited the Ambodiforaha primary school to read “Avy Aiza ny Rivotra?”, or in English, “Where Does the Wind Come From?”. One of five illustrated Malagasy folkloric tales featured in Diary Nofy books. “If you have a big heart, […]

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Zoo Zürich at Masoala

🇬🇧 The Zoo Zurich organized a Madagascar expedition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Masoala Hall 🍾🥂and they are currently cruising on the MS Island Sky around the island. We had the pleasure of hosting them at Tampolo on Friday and spent time with our friends Martin, Alex and Silvia. 🇩🇪 Der Zoo Zürich […]

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JOIN OUR TEAM 🌱🌱🌱 We are currently recruiting lodge managers. ABOUT US The Masoala Peninsula holds Madagascar’s largest remaining tract of lowland rainforest and is a haven of biodiversity and endemism. Accessible only by boat, our Masoala Forest Lodge is a perfect castaway retreat lovingly built over two decades by modern-day adventurers Pierre and Maria […]

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