Suggested Honeymoon Itinerary

An exotic getaway on a remote island peninsula


Masoala Forest Lodge offers 3, 4, 7, 10 and 11-night packages.

3 and 10 night tours always begin on a Sunday.

4 and 11 night tours always begin on a Wednesday.

7 night tours may begin on either Sunday or Wednesday.

Each reservation includes a private guide who is available 24/7 and will assist with planning and selecting your activities.

Activities on offer

• Guided walks in the primary and coastal forests

• Birding, mammal and reptile spotting in the lodge area and surrounding forests

• Guided river trip in a traditional dugout canoe

• Guided walks to nearby cascades

• Guided nocturnal walks

• Cultural visit to the local village and rice fields

• Sunset sail in a dugout outrigger canoe

• Self-guided or guided sea kayaking

• Self-guided or guided snorkelling at and around the lodge

• Self-guided or guided exploration of the lodge’s private forest reserve

• Private candlelit dinner on the sea deck

• Complimentary tastings of Malagasy rums infused with local fruits and spices

• Massage at the Masoala Forest Lodge SPA Tent

The sample itinerary below will give you an idea how your days in Masoala could be spent.

For more detailed information about our available excursions, please download the MFL Activity Guide using the link at the end of this page.

Sample Itinerary for the 7 night Honeymoon Adventure

  • intin-day1

    Day 01

    • Scheduled charter from Antananarivo to the small coastal trading town of Maroantsetra.
    • Meet our team, road transfer to our harbour and boat across Antongil Bay to Masoala Forest Lodge.
    • Meet your guide and the lodge managers and settle into camp.
    • Enjoy the sunset with a drink at the beach fire followed by dinner.
  • package-day02

    Day 02

    • After a leisurely breakfast head to the primary forest in search of Red Ruffed Lemurs, Helmet Vangas and an array of other rainforest wildlife.
    • After lunch enjoy snorkelling and swimming in front of the camp, and after dinner the adventure of a forest night walk.
  • package-day04

    Day 03

    • Kayak or boat south along the coast to the sacred island of Nosy Ndraindra, continue to the nearby beach of Ampamoavana.
    • In the afternoon you could make use of your complimentary massage vouchers.
    • Join us for a traditional Malagasy night afterwards where we share insides to the Betsimisaraka culture and taste some locally loved dishes.
  • Day 04

    • Snorkel the reefs at Tooth Rock near the lodge in the morning.
    • In the afternoon enjoy a coastal walk to the Tampolo River and take the traditional dugout canoe up the river. Here you have a good chance of spotting Northern Bamboo Lemur, Nelicourvi Weaver and various kingfishers.
    • You will also encounter the unique scenery of mangroves and volcanic rock formations and enjoy the magical silence on the river. Tonight we will set up a special private dinner for you two.
  • package-day05

    Day 05

    • An exciting full-day trip lies ahead of you, exploring the most beautiful section of the coast on the Masoala peninsula.
    • Take a 15-minute boat trip past Tampolo Point to a long white sand beach, where you have the option to swim and snorkel.
    • Afterwards, we explore the mangrove river by kayak. Followed by a picnic lunch at the beach.
    • On your return to the lodge, you have the option to either walk, kayak or boat back. We recommend the 4 km walk through the national park which provides you with stunning forest and beach views.
    • You have good chances of seeing white fronted brown lemurs on this walk.
  • package-day06

    Day 06

    • A day to spend as you choose –sunbathing on one of the private beaches, birding and mammal spotting on the private forest trails at the lodge, or relaxing with a good book and a cold drink in the hammock on your private veranda.
    • In the afternoon take the sailing boat out for a sunset cruise and on return to camp join the bonfire before dinner. Find some of the many nocturnal species afterwards on a night walk.
  • Day 07

    • We will walk along the beaches and coastal forest to the Masoala reforestation project where we will plant endogenous trees from the lodges nursery.
    • In the afternoon take the sailing boat out for a sunset cruise and on return to camp join the bonfire before dinner
    • Enjoy your last night walk in this magical forest.
  • Day 08

    • Sunday Today after a leisurely breakfast we head back by boat to Maroantsetra to catch your scheduled charter flight to Antananarivo and your onward travel arrangements.
  • The above itinerary is just an example of how you can spend your days at our remote resort. Your guide and our staff will help you build the perfect program based on your interests and the weather on your arrival.