Suggested Honeymoon Itinerary

An exotic getaway on a remote island peninsula

  • intin-day1

    Day 01

    • Your Masoala Adventure fly-in package starts in Antananarivo. You will be welcomed by the pilot of the charter aeroplane at their private hanger at Ivato airport. With no check-in and wasted time, this is a tranquil and hassle free start to your adventure. After an approximately two hour flight, with magnificent views of the rugged hills and rainforests of eastern Madagascar, you will descend over Antongil Bay and land on the airport of Maroantsetra.
    • Here you will be met on arrival and transferred directly to the boat for the voyage across Antongil Bay to the Masoala Forest Lodge. The journey takes around two hours, with the possibility of dolphin and whale sightings in season and the forested mountains of the Masoala Peninsula as a dramatic backdrop to the destination.
    • On arrival at the lodge beach, you are welcomed ashore and settle into camp.
    • After freshening up in the accommodation, lunch is served in the beach house.
    • The afternoon activities include exploring the beaches and coastal forest in the lodge area and maybe enjoying a swim in the sea, before taking a guided walk along the coast past Tampolo Point, with the possibility of spotting white-fronted brown lemurs in the coastal forest.
    • Return to camp for sundowners around the fire on the beach and dinner in the lodge.
  • package-honeymoon-day02

    Day 02

    • Awaken early for coffee and breakfast on the sea deck before setting off on the day’s adventure.
    • Today this is a walk down the coast and up into the primary rainforest in search of the Red-ruffed lemurs, Dwarf chameleons and other wildlife endemic to this forest.
    • After some hours in the dense forest with the giant hardwoods and majestic tree ferns return to camp by boat for a well-earned lunch and rest.
    • The afternoon activity could be a snorkel on the nearby coral reefs, rich in diversity, or a guided sea kayak to the look-out rock at the “Secret Cove” for the sun set, with the chance of a close encounter with Bottlenose Dolphin or Green Turtle.
    • Or you can make use of your voucher for a massage in the Masoala SPA – a present from the lodge to our honeymooners that can be used anytime one your stay.
    • Beach fire
    • Dinner in the lodge.
  • package-honeymoon-day03

    Day 03

    • A relaxed start to the day and breakfast on the sea deck.
    • Depart on a guided walk through the coastal forest, in search of more birds and mammals.
    • After a couple of hours walk, take a welcome swim in the crystal clear water of the cascades of the Tampolo River at the foot of the forested mountains.
    • Return to camp on a traditional dugout canoe paddled down the shady river.
    • After lunch, enjoy a relaxed afternoon swimming on the private beaches or snorkelling on the coral reefs.
    • A guided nocturnal walk with the intriguing possibility of seeing some of the secretive nocturnal wildlife such as Leaf-tailed Gecko, Dwarf and Mouse lemurs and maybe even the elusive Aye-Aye.
    • Tonight we set up a romantic private dinner for you on the sea deck or the beach.
  • package-honeymoon-day04

    Day 04

    • Breakfast on the sea deck.
    • An exploration by sea kayak or boat of the calm water and fantastic rock formations of Tampolo point. Stop for a swim on the beach at the “Sacred Island” and then kayak into a pristine mangrove and forested river, with the chance of spotting Blue-spotted stingrays in the shallow water or perhaps the Lesser bamboo lemurs crossing the river.
    • After a picnic lunch on the beach, return to camp by kayak or boat, for an evening of entertainment and high spirits with the visit of the traditional Malagasy music and dance group from the local village.
    • Sundowners around the fire on the beach and dinner in the lodge.
  • package-honeymoon-day05

    Day 05

    • With the Ngalawa Sailing outrigger pirogue we will sail you to one of the beautiful lonely beaches.
    • Equipped with snorkelling kit, sunscreen, beach mats, towels and the picnic basket you will have a whole day to relax, sun bath and explore the reefs.
  • package-honeymoon-day06

    Day 06

    • Breakfast on the sea deck.
    • A short guided walk through the coastal forest trails to the rice fields and farm land of the nearby village of Ambodiforaha. This is an opportunity to experience the local Betsimisaraka culture and sustainable way of life in the rainforest. You can visit their traditional houses and kitchens and perhaps see baskets, mats or hats being woven, vanilla, cloves, coffee or rice being prepared and pop in for a quick visit to the village school, co-funded by the lodge.
    • After lunch at the lodge, you have the option of a stroll down the beach to the Tampolo River and a peaceful pirogue trip on the cool shady river to observe the birdlife.
    • Sun downers around the fire on the beach and dinner in the lodge.
  • package-honeymoon-day07

    Day 07

    • A day to spend as you choose – perhaps sun bathing on one of the private beaches, or birding and mammal spotting on the private forest trails at the lodge, or relaxing with a good book and a cold drink in a hammock on your private veranda or the view deck overhanging the sea.
    • Alternatively, take the opportunity to return to the primary forest in search of more endemic wildlife.
    • Sundowners around the fire on the beach and dinner in the lodge.
  • intin-nosy

    Day 08

    • An early breakfast on the sea deck.
    • Board the boat for the voyage to the island of Nosy Mangabe.
    • Once ashore on the densely forested island, explore the network of trails with your guide with a chance of spotting Black and white-ruffed and White-fronted brown lemurs or a leaf-tailed gecko.
    • After the hike you board the boat once more for the voyage to Maroantsetra and transfer to the airport in time for the flight out to Antananarivo with the charter aeroplane. A basket with sandwiches will be packed for you to take on the aeroplane.