The Adventure

Explore & experience this exotic paradise

From the comfort of the lodge you explore the wildlife and beauty of this natural paradise with activities including forest walks, snorkelling, kayaking, traditional pirogues, swimming in the sea and the crystal clear streams, whale watching, fishing and experiencing sustainable life in the rainforest with the local Malagasy community.

The warm, coral-rich waters of the Tampolo Marine reserve, offer exciting snorkelling right off the beach. The sea kayaks are ideal for exploring the islands, reefs, rivers and deserted beaches of the sheltered coastline or just to watch the magic of the sunset on the forested mountains.

Nosy Mangabe – explore and experience this exotic paradise

Nosy Mangabe is an island nature reserve with dark-green thickly forested hills rising dramatically out of the sea. A short boat voyage from Maroantsetra takes one to beach on the island which provides the base for exploring the forest on the network of walking trails. The island is home to White-fronted brown lemurs and Black-and-white ruffed lemurs, leaf-tailed geckos, several species of chameleons, frogs and snakes, including the tree boa, some of which can usually be easily spotted on the forest trails in a day visit. There is also Aye-Aye, which in the past there was a chance of seeing if one stayed overnight on the island. However, the Aye-Aye on Nosy Mangabe are now more elusive than they were before and as night walks are also no longer per- mitted on the island, the chance of encountering one there has become greatly reduced. There are traditional Malagasy tombs in a cave and a beach called “Plage des Hollandais” with rocks bearing the scratched names of some 17th-century Dutch sailors.