New finds

Unidentified species

In July we saw these two animals for the first time in our 20 years at Masoala.
We have shared the images on our social media and some of you reached out to us with ideas of what we have found here. See the suggested IDs below.

For this freshwater terrapin, we received the following ID suggestions:

– Pelomedusa subrufa
– Pelusios castanoides
– Pelusios subniger

We collected the following ID guesses:

– Boophis albilabris White lipped Bright eyed
– Boophis luteus
– Boophis praedictus
– Boophis masoala

The last guests identification came in from Mark D. Scherz who described Boophis masoala in 2018 together with Frank Glaw. Find the listing here. He was certain that it is this one. here.
He was certain that it is this one.

Thank you to everyone who helped look into this! It was fun!