• Masoala Forest Lodge

    An Untouched Rainforest Peninsula

    The spectacular rainforest covered peninsula on Madagascar’s northeast coast forms the backdrop for Masoala Forest Lodge – part of Wild Expeditions Africa… A place to relax explore and connect with the natural world in all its primordial splendour.

    • the-lodge

      The Lodge

      Nestled in a sheltered cove, surrounded by the Masoala National Park, the lodge opens onto warm, coral-rich waters of the Tampolo Marine Reserve. Here beaches stretch for miles and the sounds of a forest teeming with life will send you into a blissful reverie each night.

    • the-adventure

      The Adventure

      While at Masoala Forest Lodge, the choice of activity is yours. Besides guided forest walks with game and bird watching by day or night, there is guided sea kayaking, snorkelling, swimming in the sea and forest streams, whale watching and fishing.

    • the-wildlife

      The Wildlife

      The island of Madagascar has been described as an “alternate world” because of the uniqueness and rarity of many of its plant and animal species. The rainforests and tropical waters teem with weird and wonderful yet harmless creatures.

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