Zero Waste

We are now buying in bulk and filling glasbottles


The world needs to find a way out of this plastic nightmare. The excessive plastic packaging especially has to end.

Unfortunately the way it is handled, recycling is not the solution. Less than 5% of plastics get recycled- the rest ends as we know in our landfills, surroundings and in our oceans.

The better approach is to change our habits and avoid it where we can. Avoiding the bag, straw and take away packaging is a start, but there is so much more we could get rid of if we change our ways.

As a business we have thought about where WE can change. Here you can see the result of one change we took on in 2018. We now buy products like olive oil, cooking oil and shampoo in bulk. They come in 20 liter containers. We then fill them into glass bottles for easy access and stock taking. We use gin bottles or sparkling wine bottles that we have clipped “swing tops” on (see pick 3). It works just as fine as with the bottles before and there is zero waste in the end. The 20 l containers are getting cleaned and used to carry water, the glas bottles get cleaned and refilled.