We say NO to single use plastics bottles

...since 9 years

As an ecolodge we are enjoying the growing awareness about single use plastic and the trend towards avoiding the usage.

Since now 9 years, we are not using single use plastics at our lodge. The last single use item we had was the little water bottle, our guest got on the boat which we replaced in 2011 with reusable hiking bottles from South African company “North-ridge” which is an amazing product by the way- made to last forever like all their stuff.

The truth is though that in 2011 we still occasionally received a dirty look when we handed them out and we had to have “emergency single use” bottles for the client who refused to use a reusable. This hasn’t happened in years and we do not have these “emergency” bottles anymore. People now compliment the fact that we use reusable bottles and seem to understand now that this is the way to forward.

Each guest gets a @northridge.sa bottle in the beginning of the stay and then takes them to the Nosy Mangabe island visit, on jungle hikes, when looking for lemurs, on kayak expeditions, to the whale watching trips, to yoga, on the boat excursions and the beach picnics.

Can you imagine how many single used plastic bottles that saved over the last 9 years?

A6E8C3DF-BBF5-4A01-A473-41F60831812E These are the bottles we use from “North-ridge” 98D142E2-F131-4667-B165-CF4E676B5932