Update 1 – Community support

First results of our fundraiser are showing 🙌

Last month we started a fundraiser for our community on Go fund me: http://gf.me/u/xywj7z

We are happy to report to you that we have collected enough money to purchase the first foods-support-packages. These will go to families in and around the Masoala Rainforest who have financial difficulties due to the abrupt halt of tourism in Madagascar due to the Coronavirus-crisis.

On 30 April and 01 May 2020 we bought 6000 cups = 1500 kg of rice from local farmers.

We love the fact that our food donation does not only benefit the families receiving the rice but also support the local farmers as we only bought local Malagasy rice. 🍚

Preparing the bags took the whole day as every cup (200 per bag) gets counted. In Madagascar you also count the rice for another reason which is to unsure that the high quality Malagasy rice is not mixed with the low quality imported rice.

Well the bags you see are 100% pure Malagasy gold … for sure 😊👍

Many thanks to all the donors and the everyone who was involved in buying, transporting.

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