The Gift

Happy Christmas everyone,

This is our seventh newsletter since the beginning of this project in May 2020. It is a great relief and joy how this initiative has been successfully supporting our community with monthly food donations since the start of the pandemic.

In our last newsletter we told you that we are low on funds and might not be able to continue, but thanks to some new donations we were able to make the rice delivery in November.

Then something magical happened: we were contacted by a charity that had read about our initiative and were interested in supporting the project.

With their donation we are now making a food donation before Christmas and will be able to do another one in January. What a delight!

We have received many messages from our community in Madagascar that made it clear how helpful the donations have been to them and that the “gift”, as they call it, has made a big difference in these trying times.

We are committed keep the support going until travel resumes and would appreciate if you help us. Donate, share, follow…

Wishing you all a peaceful end of the year and a relaxed and happy festive season. Pierre and Maria This was shared with Facebook and your donors school