Best whale season ever!

We had a whale of a time in June, July August! We have seen whales almost every day, often multiple times a day. Mothers with calves and big groups enjoying the protected waters of the Bay Antongil. We have an estimated population of 5000 humpbacks in our bay every year between June and September which makes Antongil Bay a great place to study them. Danish whale expert Sanne Paarman came to visit and thought us about humpback whales. We were able to collect some data on their positions and numbers. The last recorded data from our area on humpbacks we know of is over 10 years old which is a pity if you think of the great potential the place has for research. We learned a methodology from Paarman that we will use to record the sightings in order to contribute to whale research. Our guests will be able to be a part of the project and get the chance to have a direct impact. Paarman and us will propose our ideas to the American NGO WCS, hoping to find a partner in them to build a strong cooperating team that can build a successful project, teaching us more about our gentle giants And then we heard the whales singing and snoring. Sound Recordist George Vlad stayed with us for 10 days in August in search of some unique natural sounds. Vlad is a passionate audio engineer based in London, UK. He creates sound worlds for video games and records field recordings as Mindful Audio where he travels all around the world capturing incredible sounds.