Beach clean-up

of the Tampolo marine reserve - a team effort

We from Masoala Forest Lodge are committed keeping the Masoala peninsula pristine for you, for us, for the people of #Masoala and for future generations . We cleaned the beaches of the Tampolo marine reserve last weekend. A two day event on which we picked up mostly plastic items that got washed up by the ocean. As there isn’t any public guvermental cleaning in the area it is up to us – the people  living on the Masoala peninsula- to look after our little paradise. The event was organized in cooperation between Masoala Forest Lodge, the South African non profit organization The Beach Co-op, the woman’s association of our nearby village Ambodiforaha and the primary school the our village. F7776A09-1C6F-478A-A88E-4B740704FEA0 The Beach Co-op wrote: “Twenty four people (10 kids and 14 adults) cleaned a 5km stretch of coastline and collected 86kg of marine debris. The Ambodiforaha woman’s volunteer group have been cleaning the village for the last two years, with the support and encouragement of the Masoala Forest Lodge, and are proud of their village. The txtentionof this to their beaches is a natural one, and we hope they continue do this amazing work.[…] Thank you Masoala Forest Lodge for bringing us together and closing off our beach cleanup activations for 2019. on one of the biodiversity hotspots of the world!” 34DDF7AB-A4F0-462F-B3F9-8AC898EB4709 We used reusable rubbish bags like dry bags and rice and flower bags to collect the trash. 928F9E9E-D3C8-4856-B146-08B7D6BD35CA IMG_1226 IMG_4046 2 ≈Many thanks to everyone involved for the major efforts! To more of this in 2020!