Support our Masoala National Park guides with us

Dear friends,

We are celebrating one year of community support!

Thanks to all of you we were able to make a difference in these rather difficult times. You were last updated in January after which we have continued with food donations once a month. The families were grateful and clearly relieved that the rice deliveries continue.

In February our project was in the Aachen daily, which lead to an extension of our supporters – thank you for that and welcome to this group of supporters of the people of Masoala.

Madagascar’s boarders are still closed and there aren’t any flights allowed to land yet but we have reason to hope that this is going to change later this year. Madagascar has started to vaccinate its population of 27 mio people. After a peak in April the numbers of new Covid cases are dropping steadily. They are now at a 7-day average of 162 for the whole country.

We have added something new to our project. You can now also support the guides. If you would like to send rice to the guide that lead you in the forest during your stay with us , you can. How to:

1.) Donate here (public or anonymous)
2.) Write us a message with the name of the guide the food-donation should go to. Here or by email.
3.) We will get food for the amount you sent us.
4.) You receive a photograph of the guide with your gift.

Adam and his wife, past guests of Masoala Forest Lodge, have started this innitiative by donating to their guide Aldin (see image). All donations that aren’t dedicated to a guide will support our school- project and the families that have suffered of income loss due to covid. We know also you have in some way or another felt this crisis burdening you. It makes a special person to support others when you are under pressure yourself.

Thank you, Maria
  54-Masoala_LeahGlass_NoLogo-12 MFL 54 - guide